was founded in 1995 to assist Penny Stock Traders buy and sell penny stocks profitability, minimizing risk and maximizing profits by using simple techniques that have worked over and over again for thousands of past and current clients, which essentially can be applied to any penny stock with some activity.

Penny Stocks are a totally different ballgame where there are some risks, but enormous potential for a spectacular Return on Investment.

This is because a penny stock is just that.  A stock that that is not trading in dollars, but rather in pennies which in many cases make it easier to turn a profit because all the stock has to do is go up a few cents.

Fundamentals are nice...  But if a stock has a momentum, good volume and releasing good news and is in play, then it is ripe for a penny profit and we'll show you how.

Of course it can go down, but that is why there are stop loss orders to prevent any major loss.

Since 1995, we have offered our penny stock membership and service and have traded exclusively on Wall Street exchanges so we know it all works.  In addition, Frank and Dean have worked as consultants in New York and have advised some of the most renown individual small cap investors over thirty years.  Having decades of experience in the penny stock market as far back as 1972, we've acquired such a wealth of knowledge and information that we are now making it available to the public.

We run this authoritative web site for the benefit of other penny stock traders who wish to quickly learn how to profit from penny stocks whether being a novice, advanced or expert trader.  We have a plethora of resources, tools, information and even our select penny picks in our Members Area, and we know that our expertise will prove to be essential in assisting you make money with penny stocks in laymen's terms.

We know that once you sign up and see what we have to offer, you'll know that we are serious in providing penny stock educational information, resources and top penny picks with the most potential for profits, as so many others have.

But don't take our word for it.  Visit a few other sites, research them, and think about it.

We are a down to earth business that do not need to build up our selves or tout that we interviewed or appeared on radio or t.v., as word of mouth has spread over years and we are helping many.  We simply, without question offer the most profitable otc-bb, pink sheet, Nasdaq penny stock trading information and picks online.

We've reached the point of retirement three times over and do this now to help others and for another reason as well; our wives say they don't want us just hanging around; they tell us to get busy or GET PACKIN' !  ; - )












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