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Since 1995, we have sold thousands of copies of our Penny Stock Investment Packet through postal mail and via download link.  It has become one of the most referred to quick-reference penny stock trading guides on the web and has been followed by top penny stock traders over the past decade due to its simplicty and effectivness when trading live from the opening to closing bell.  One of the first trading guides offered online, it has laid the foundation that others have followed, but never duplicated.  The format, and ease of use during a penny stock trading day is unmatched to this day. 

This penny stock trading packet was our first publication which is updated weekly and to this day is our most valuable tool offered to our members.  Don't miss this download!!!





  • IMPORTANT: No experience is needed to trade Pennystocks successfully. Everything is explained in detail, for the beginner, experienced, and the expert trader.

    A carefully selected list of Free Services and Resources:   Message Boards, Blogs, Pennystock Websites, the best Pennystock Brokers, SEC Information Sites,  Chat Rooms, the Best Individual and Business Newsletter Email lists to be on, Free Realtime Stock Quote Services (Allows you to get Realtime Market Data). *All of the above resources are what we (Penny Stock Daytraders) actually use at H.I.R..  Only a select few of the above sites will actually be used, when it does come time to actually trading, during trading hours. With the setup, the sites are used in conjunction with eachother, at the same time, (using multiple browsers (The Winning 6), and toggling from one browser to another systematically). The end result is a very powerful daytrading setup.

  • The techniques we've developed to make $ in the Pennystock market: Step by Step Examples on how to find a profitable stock, project how high it will go by referring to a couple of information sites, and most importantly how to go about purchasing the stock, when, and at what point to get in.  Every tactic is explained in detail.   It's all incredibly easy, anybody can do it, because we have a system........




Daytrading Terminology Discussed


Step-by-Step for Profits!

Pennystock Hit Points, Pre Run-Up, Main Run-Up, Closing Run-Up, Rolling Penny Stocks, The Bouncer, Classic Price Jump-Drop, and much more...


Daytrading Pennystocks is an art, risky, but can be very profitable if you know what you're doing!  With the right setup, profits in pennystocks can and will be made.


Using all of the above tips, good things will happen, and all is explained in our Info. Pa

Here's are just a few topics that are covered in our


Information & Investment Packet.



1.  The Announcement Buying Surge - Can be Deadly

Company Announcements of a Press Release


In the Pennystock Market, situations can get pretty tricky.   Pennystocks (in general) react with news.  When a company announces that a Positive PRESS RELEASE will be out, there will probably be a surge of buying going on right after the announcement, driving the stock price up.  People make mistakes and buy right after the announcement is made, thinking the stock won't go back down to its original trading range, when most of the time it does, due to the wait time that is involved (on the other hand, stocks that have been in the public eye for an extended period of time, may stay at a high price, and go even higher, depending on the type of company, news, etc..).   The stock market reacts on the moods of investors,  Buying, Selling, Holding!   Let the stock cool down, and then pick it up, and then when the Press Release hits, or when that BIG DEAL goes through, you're ready for a profit.


* Our info packet teaches you how to project what the stock will go to in this type of situation, all depending on how the stock has performed in the past.



2.  Bouncing off the Bottom Effect -   Pennystock Nature

When news is released, a pennystock can act in a number of ways.  Ways that are explained in detail in our packet, but, one of the more interesting types of reactions that we like is what you call the Bottom Bounce Effect.   When news does come out on a stock that is already NEAR its low, it could rise, if the news is positive.  The stock usually hits a peak, and then, depending on the moods of investors and the market itself, the stock could hit its low of the year; that is when you pick the stock up.  At or just below the low.  Pennystocks usually don't go straight down to nothing and stay down, when positive news comes.  It's just a reaction, a Dip.  Once the stock bottoms out, there's a very good chance the stock will rise to its INITIAL trading range.  EASY DOUBLE, TRIPLE, MAYBE EVEN MORE!!!  All by looking for upward swings on a 52 week chart.


Remember, the above is example is only 1 of many types of pennystocks.


3.  Dynamics of a Profitable Penny Stock Trade




The example below shows what a rolling pennystock can do, every day, every week, every couple of weeks!  There are a lot of them.  Now, our information packet will teach you to get in on a stock at the right time, before the big price jump.  The example below is just a small profit compared to what we talk about in our info. packet.  We've done all the work.


The example below shows a simple, very easy, low risk way to make money, with the right stock.  Our info. packet  mentions stocks that perform the same way, the example below shows.


There are two prices when purchasing stock.  The price you buy the stock at is called the ASK (Market Price), the price you sell the stock at is called the BID.  Initially, the bid price is lower than the ask.  The difference in between is called the SPREAD.  In order for you to make a profit, the bid price has exceed the ask price, the price you bought the stock at.   It is very important to buy a stock in the DIP (the low point of a stock play).


Check out the sample trade below:

1.  You buy 25,000 shares of a .02 (ASK) per share pennystock   - $500

2.  You sell your 25,000 shares at .0.033 (BID) - $825

Total in commission charges: $36

You make a profit!!!


You make $289 safely!  No pressure!  We consider this a consistent, safe, money-making pennystock.  We look for stocks that have the capability to rise 100% to 500% in one day, and that is the main aspect we focus on in our investment packet.


What if you buy:  50,000, 100,000, a 500,000 shares a time.   If you do that with 2 - 3 different stocks, every week or even every couple of weeks, good things will happen!  The sky is the limit.




Below, you will find a typical example of a stop-loss maneuver that can and should be applied to all penny stock trades to prevent loss of capital.  This is a key strategy to long term success trading penny stocks.  It's very risky not to have them in place as you can lose your entire investment.  Preservation is key so, don't allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Information on this is and how to apply it correctly is provided within out guides and tutorials.



Total Cost to Get Started Trading




1. Cost of our membership

2.  $126 Recommended (minimum) in your brokerage account.

Your brokerage account is free to open.

We recommend that you have at least $126 in your account before you start trading.  $13 to buy stock/ $13 to sell stock.  The $26 covers your commissions.  The $100 is what you have to work with.  $126 is a good start with the kind of knowledge we'll provide you.  Once you read and try our techniques, you'll see good things happen.












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