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What Sets Our Trading Tutorial From Others


What sets us apart from other web sites & companies selling hardcopy books & electronic tutorials, is the fact our techniques have been around for over two decades.


You won't see any filler content in our eBook, we guarantee it!  What you'll find are hundreds of small cap trading resources, tools, information & key trading strategies that will keep you ahead of the game, and include a step-by-step, a-z section on how to begin placing profitable stock orders whether you have experience in the market or not.


This is the ultimate, information-rich, complete penny stock trading tutorial offered on the web to date, simply due to the fact we cover all TYPES of penny stocks.


Did you know that there are nearly a dozen classifications of penny stocks that all must be traded differently.  The key to success is identifying the stock's trading patterns and market momentum.  Once you are able to identify them, you will then be able to select which trade is best suited for that particular security.  You  won't find any books or website going into as much detail as we do.


Some types of stocks are: Rolling Stocks - Range Riders, Micro-Penny, Short Term, Long Term, Dead Cat Bounce "rebound plays".


What to look for are: Support Levels, Resistance Levels, Trends and Reversals, Momentum, Moving Averages, Topping-Out Patterns, Consolidation Patterns, Volume Activity, Spikes and Dips, Many Others


Some Useful Stock Research Tools For Stocks Over $5 "Non-Penny Stocks":  Financial Ratios, Earnings Momentum, Revenue Trends, Debt Load, Insider Trading, Operating Efficiencies, Competition, Management Team, Share Buy-Back, plus more...


The market is like a fine ballroom dance.  One day, the market reacts one way, and then another way the next.  Over the past twenty years, the market has become more complicated, but also more predictable thanks to momentum analysis programs that can automate the process in pinpointing the support and resistance levels of any stock.


Penny Stock trading should not be stressful, it should be fun and profitable.  For those penny traders who are educated while going into the market, profits from the markets will become a norm.



Unorthodox Trading Strategies In Sometimes Shaky


Market Conditions



What affects a stock price?


Most investment advisors and professional analysts stress that strong financials, good volume, financial ratios, debt load, and other technical analysis methods are key when looking to buy shares.  However, we not completely agree.  The micro-cap market is a much different trading environment than the NYSE, AMEX or other blue chip exchange, so we believe these factors do not hold as much weight as other markets.


The fact is, a PENNY STOCK stock can move on anything.  You will have the advantage only if you are able to identify patterns and waves.  There will be BULL AND BEAR market days.  But, regardless of the way the market is reacting, a strategy-oriented trader will be able to profit in both.


We know that most of what you read on the Internet will tell you others, but for those who have been buying and selling these security for over a decade will show you the sure-fire techniques of generating positive cashflow from the market.


A Market-Tested Tutorial For Traders of All Levels


We know that you will find The Official Penny Stock Tutorial to be an extremely valuable resource as so many others have.  We take pride in providing real-world knowledge that can be applied in the most common trading scenarios that have been widely published in small cap investment publications worldwide.


It is all about knowing how the market will react to Interest Rates, News, Volume and Anticipation.


In our eBook, we provide you with real world trading scenarios when trading various types of penny stocks, something that other small cap investment books do not, and show you how & when to buy while learning when to get in and when to get out, that will be essential to your investing success.



A Team Of Small Cap Researchers Dedicated To

Educating The Individual Investor


Online since 1995, our mission as small cap investment information providers from the beginning was to provide only the key resources, tools necessary to profit in the penny stock market.  The trading methods in our tutorial are described in laymen's terms so that you can understand how it all works.  You'll be learning from people know how to make a healthy living trading these unique and high profit securities.


We're not saying you'll become a millionaire overnight, but with our trading methods, you'll be able to perfect and hone your skills that in time, you profits will only increase.


The Small Cap Market is not just about trying to find a solid penny pick.  Sometimes, the best penny plays are those with poor financials and little momentum.  Knowing how to play the market, without letting herd "gold rush" mentality influence the way you buy/sell is key to becoming a successful penny stock investor.


Impulse buying can be detrimental to your trading.  Patience & strategic investing are what is valued.


We don't believe in complicating things.  We only tell you what you need to know and arm you with the guerrilla trading tactics that will decide whether you make money or not.


If you have purchased any of the eBooks online, you'll most likely know that they are re-hashed information, and the methods came from web sites like ours.


We have a one-of-a-kind, proven penny stock tutorial that has helped investors boost their Return on Investment over and over again.


Of all of the websites & publications we've reviewed over the years, we have found very few talk about trading foreign penny stocks.   As any successful penny stock investor will tell you, some of the most profitable transactions they have conducted have been from foreign stock exchanges as there are typically less price influence from investors, market makers & momentum which allow you to make a more accurate projection.

In our eBook, we provide you with a complete list of all stock exchanges in the world that list stocks trading under $5/share.   With our research methods, you will learn how to choose winners in foreign markets with minimal effort.

If you've been checking out Penny Stock Web Sites on the web, you will want to make sure foreign penny stock investing is covered.  If not, you will be missing out on some very substantial penny profits.


Subject Areas Covered In Our Tutorial

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Our Tutorial

What are penny stocks?  3
Penny stocks – the markets  6
Styles of trading  15
Do your research: hot sectors  26
Do your research: information sources   32
Fundamental analysis  47
Technical analysis  54
Analysing the shareholder base  60
Avoiding the traps  63
Red flags  70
Finally: are you ready? 76

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